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  1. m a gaffar ali khan

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am A Sculptor and amusement park & resort consultant from Bangladesh. I have an amusement park & resort making firm named “WHEAT STRAW HANDICRAFTS LIMITED”. I create Eye catching construction, Making Architectural Sculpture, Mural Tiles Painting & Terracotta, Swimming Pool, Wave Poll, Jacuzzi, Glass Fiber Equipment, and Amusement Park Ride. Fountain & Eye Casing Architectural Plan & 2d, 3d Design for park & resort development & public art work. I need a foreign direct investment partners.please send me PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT ON INVESTMENTS AND FINANCIAL CO-OPERATION. I Need BG/BD/MT103 ware transfer,BTC loan,businesses loan is committed to purchasing amusement parks, resorts, hotels, motels, property development and completing unfinished works of the proposed project.

    You faithfully

    M A Gaffar Ali Khan
    Mia Resort, 29, Vora, Joydebpur, Gazipur-1700, Bangladesh
    Whatsapp : +8801312856565
    Cell phone : +8801715856561

  2. Robert Shubert

    Performing RWA SWIFT GPI receiver available for large transactions at RBC Bank, Canada Location.
    Okay if you put the sender on the phone with me the receiver, or a FaceTime phone call, we can close this transaction quickly.
    Can receive AUTO mode Swift GPI Payments.

    RWA SWIFT GPI receiver available for large transactions at RBC Bank, Canada Location.


    Capacity of 100M Euro per day.
    Receiving Bank: RBC Bank, Canada is a tier 1 bank and Swift GPI facility.
    Our connection is with the top level at RBC so we can receive payments and have all necessary central bank clearances. Licensed to receive 100M per day.
    Payout in 72 hours.
    Ratio: 40% to sender (net)
    Commission: 2.5% open
    Test amount: 10M Euro or TBD
    Min contract size: 500M euro
    We prefer non KYC deals.

    I can receive AUTO mode Swift GPI Payments.

    We do NON KYC deals. No CIS needed from either side. I am currently in the middle of a deal with another group with NO CIS.

    We have relationships at highest level at RBC. That means we do not need any paperwork. Everything is handled in house and by our bankers.

    I have a SWIFT GPI Auto license at RBC Bank, Canada, available for you to verify with the RBC Bank, Canada and receipts that senders have already received payments from me.

    5.4. Receiver bank officer will input the UETR code to clear the funds to account.

    Let us have a call, principal to principal Receiver to Sender for clarity and comfort.
    IREAAA@AOL.COM 001 424 246 1039 Bob

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