SWIFT diret cash wire transfer receivers available

MyHelpExpertMT103SWIFT diret cash wire transfer receivers available

For now, this is the most sure-shot receiver I have:
Do you have senders for direct cash wire, please? I have a guaranteed receiver in UAE with NBD (ENBD) bank
There is a sure shot receiver in UAE with NBD (ENBD) bank who can do direct swift cash wire transfer deals

Sender – 65%
Receiver + receiver side – 35% closed
2..5 for you and your side is included in the receiver side

They said the split must be :
(1) Either:
Sender – 65%
Receiver – 35%
You & your team – 2.5% from receiver’s 35%
(2) Or:
Sender – 70%
Receiver – 30%
You & your team – 1% from receiver’s 30%

If you have senders, please get their complete DOA/contract
This group my team is working with is a really genuine group who actually control the receiver & his guys to a great extent
I have been told that this is a sure shot receiver
No CIS or video upfront
He will work only with a DOA/contract in full from the sender with the latter’s complete details, signature, and stamp
Apart from the NBD (ENBD) bank receiver in UAE we also have these:

HSBC UAE (Abu Dhabi)

Percentages, split, and breakup will be different though
If you can get serious senders for these receivers, I can assure you of sure-shot performance by receivers
Also, only what has been stated above. No deviations will be entertained
Please DM/PM me on WhatsApp at +918240963260

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