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Private Placement Program’s in Europe, Asia…

Cash currently on deposit in a Prime Banks acceptable.

Multiple trading accounts.

We have the possibility to introduce the Beneficial Owners of the Funds to a PPP trading program providing for a secured trade offer (Private Placement Program) in consideration to the intended projects’ financing of the Clients to several Trade Banks/Platforms/Traders…

The underlying of the trading is a secured buy/sell trading operation of live notes … providing for a “no loss” trading facility where the Client’s capital is under no threat of depletion;

Any Funds currently blocked even if Blocked in favor of the Account Owner are not acceptable.

Only the Owner of unrestricted, freely transferable Funds/Assets can qualify for PPP.


Please contact us (only if you are the funds/asset’s owner or you are direct to the funds/asset’s owner).

Please contact us only if you have a compliance package, with all the documents requested. We only work on complete files only.


Trading / PP Programs – Project Funding

Platforms/Traders/Banks in Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong.


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