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7 November 2020 Posted by mike BG Buyers , No Comments
I am looking for a seller of Bank Draft!  I have a buyer who can buy 4 tranches of 500M!  This is the procedure we can work on immediately !!
 Party A shall sign this Agreement and forward it to Party B.
 Party B shall countersign and forward a copy of the contract, which then becomes a full Commercial Contract.  Immediately after the Party A receives the contract, sends a letter (via email), addressed to Party B confirming that the contract has been lodged in the issuing bank and the transaction will start as the procedures provide.  Party B will also lodge the contract in its bank.  (the letter will reporte all the bank’s information where the contract was lodged including Bank Officer’s name and email, necessary for buyer bank’s bank Officer to contact the issuing bank).
 Within TWO (2) banking days of this Agreement being lodged with the two party’s respective banks, Party A’s Issuing Bank, “THE ISSUING BANK NAME” shall place a secure RWA Via SWIFT MT999 / MT199 message to Party B’s Receiving Bank confirming readiness to issue  the instrument as per this DOA.
 Within TWO (2) banking days upon receipt of the secure RWA Via MT999 / MT199 message, Party B’s Receiving Bank will place a secure BPU SWIFT MT799 message to Party A’s Issuing Bank “ISSUING BANK NAME“, showing their readiness and capability to receive the  instrument as per this DOA.
 Within TWO (2) banking days upon satisfactory confirmation and authentication of the transaction, Party A’s Issuing Bank shall send the Instrument via SWIFT MT110 to Party B’s Receiving Bank.
 Within TWO (2) banking days of receipt of the SWIFT MT110, Party B’s Receiving Bank shall authenticate and validate the SWIFT MT110on Bank-to-Bank basis.  Within FIVE (5) banking days upon satisfactory confirmation and authentication of the Instrument, Party B shall settle the agreed price of the instrument via SWIFT MT103 to Party A’s designated account and the agents / intermediaries.  Party B shall forward a copy of the SWIFT MT103 to Party A via e-mail immediately after transmission of Settlement / Payment.
 Within FIVE (5) banking days of receipt of the payment, Party A’s Issuing Bank causes the Delivery of the Original Hard Copy via bank Bonded courier to Party B’s Receiving Bank.
 The above procedure will be the same as for next / all tranches onwards until to 2 Billion EURO with any amount but not exceeding 500M EURO per Bank Draft.
 NOTE: Confirmation Letter / MT 110: We confirm this certified bank draft is an operative instrument subject to ICC PUBLICATION and shall be honored for payment at maturity.  It is transferable, assignable, and divisible.

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